Cordoba – The Heritage City

OverviewCordobais a city inSouthernSpain and is the capital of the Cordoba province. In ancient times this city was Iberian and Roman whereas in the Middle Ages this was an Islamic caliphate. At present it is a midsized modern city; however the old part of the town contains architectural reminders of theIslamic caliphate. The ancient city has been declared as a World Heritage Site.

The airport is only a few KM away from the convention centre and high speed train connects Cordaba to Madrid

If you walk around the historic quarter of Cordoba, you will be able to see the small streets, squares, alleys and whitewashed courtyards around theMosque-Cathedral. At the same time, this city has modern infrastructure and services. This city is well connected to other cities in Andalusia by high speed train, buses and taxis.ClimateThe climate in Cordoba is a Mediterranean climatewith influences of Atlantic coast. Winters here are mild and frosts are very rare. Summer is very hot – temperature can go as high as 40°C. Minimum temperature in summer is 27°C.

Winters here are mild and frosts are very rare

Annual rainfall can go as high as 500 mm.Art and CultureA large number of events – Flamenco festivals, ballet, concerts, etc. occur throughout the year in Cordoba in addition to having exciting nightlife and museums.The popular museums are – Bullfighting museum, Archaeological Museum, Regional Museum of Fine Arts, Diocesan Museum of Fine Arts, Courtyard Museum and Julio Romero de Torres Museum.Cordoba has art centers – Merced Palace and Palace of Viana.Sports and EntertainmentNature Reserves of Sierra de Hornachuelos and Sierras Subbéticas and Sierra de Cardeña and Montoro offer facilities of hiking routes and opportunity for climbing, mountain biking, potholing and paragliding.

At the same time, this city has modern infrastructure and services

Cordoba offers chances for hunting in the region of Sierra Morena. The Guadalquivir River and its tributaries and dams provide opportunities for fishing.You can play golf using the facilities at the Pozoblanco Golf Club and Cordoba Country Club.CulinaryVarious cuisines – Iberian cured meats, fish, cheese, etc. are offered by various bars and restaurants throughout the year.EntertainmentPeople in this city normally spend the eveningat the terraces, ice-cream parlorsor visit the best traditional inns and taverns. Cordoba becomes a party town late in the night with discotheques, pubs and fashionable nightspots. Cinema halls – Cines El Arcángel,Zoco Multicinesand Guadalquivir also provide entertainment. The parks – Sierra de, Hornachuelos Sierra and Sierras Subbéticas provide facilities for open air sports.Children will be able to enjoy the Botanical garden, Ethnobotanical Museum, Alcázar Gardens, Ribera Gardens, Fuente Redonda Educational Farm, Aquasierra, Zoo, etc. in Cordoba.ShoppingA number of small shops in the old quarter of Cordoba sell quality craft products – leather repoussé work and ornately carved silver as the souvenirs of the city.BusinessCordoba is an important business centre and has modern facilities for hosting national and international conventions, trade fairs and forums. The airport is only a few KM away from the convention centre and high speed train connects Cordaba to Madrid.San Carlos Trade Fair Centre and Congress and Exhibition Hall are two of the facilities that can be used for such conventions, seminars and exhibitions. Sufficient facilities are available for accommodating the Business visitors.

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